I didn’t sleep at all during the night, instead I just stared at the wall and hoped that whatever was in the damn attic would just go away so we could continue with out lives. In the back of my mind I knew Eric wouldn’t let me live it down if I ignored his pleas to investigate the attic. Instead of waking Eric up I decided to get out of bed as quietly as I could so I could get a little peace of mind. There was no food in the fridge yet, so I drove to the local Mc Yankee’s for a breakfast sandwich and coffee; not that I was hungry, I just needed something familiar.

When I came back home Eric was already up and had all his cameras set up with a big grin on his face. “What did you get me to eat?” He asked, cheerfully. I muttered a nothing while tossing him a burger. I mentioned for him to sit at the table with me, but before I could tell him not to eat on the couch, he started munching on his burger. Sighing, I nibbled at my food.

“So, did you look at the cameras yet?” I asked with a mouthful of burger. Eric forced to last mouthful of food in his mouth and started talking excitedly in a language that normal people would call rude. “Stop spitting your food everywhere and just swallow in already.” He was getting on my nerves at this point. “I can’t understand you with your mouth full.”

Eric finally swallowed the last bit of food and gave me the finger like he was some kind of hot shot. “What I was saying was that I set it up for us to look at together, aren’t you excited?!” He kept rambling on about lore, news, hauntings, and whatever else his little mind could think of at the second. I just let him drone on and put my elbow on the table staring at the camera he was about to turn on.

For the first thirty minutes there was nothing but static, and as I reached for the camera to turn it off Eric batted my hand out of the way. Heatedly I asked, “If there are people living in our attic, we need to tell the police, not look at a damn camera.” He put his finger to his lips and pointed at the camera as the picture became clearer. I squinted my eyes trying to figure out what the figure was. Eventually all the static was gone, and there was a little girl standing in the middle of the room.

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