Kill Game (2018)

In the beginning it shows a naked man, a cop peeing blood, and a flashback with no real context. Nothing is really explained, and the group starts to freak out about pizza. The next thing we know is that a masked man is spraying a man who is upside down while setting him on fire. I really like that there is almost no music throughout the movie. It is a bit slow at first but picks up a bit about halfway through. This movie really is a toss-up between The Final, and Halloween with mixed in parts of Scream. I do have to say that it was a guessing game of who the killer was, but the ending didn’t make a great deal of sense. Other than feeling like I was watching paint dry for 45 minutes. It was enjoyable when they actually did get to killing off some characters. Maybe if they took more time writing out more dialogue, rather than making dick jokes half the time it would have been a lot more than just a movie to fill in the time.

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