I didn’t want to startle the little girl, but I was also too scared to talk to her. I had so many questions. Why was she even in our attic, and why haven’t we noticed sounds from up here before? She stopped humming for a second and looked up at me just in time for my flashlight to shine on her. Her smile turned up into a grin, and in a raspy voice she croaked, “Catch me, catch me if you can,” and ran to the small window that was in the attic. I tried to run towards her, but she opened the window before I could stop her, and watched as she jumped from it. There was a loud splat as she hit the ground; I was almost too scared to look.

When I gathered enough courage to look out the window, she was nowhere to be found. Shortly after, Eric started hollering for me to help him with his equipment. I grabbed each item and placed them by my feet, then helped him up the ladder, explaining what I just saw. Again, he dismissed it as my imagination and laughed at me. “When we set up the cameras, we will know for sure what’s going on in this house.” He sounded snarky, but also quite proud of himself. I shook my head slightly irritated. I took one of the cameras from his hands and started setting it up in the corner.

I knew what I saw, and I was going to prove it to Eric. He shuffled his feet and cleared his throat. “Maybe there is a family living in our attic, like one of those online stories.” He tried to laugh it off. “We’ll definitely figure out what’s up here.” I walked to the center of the attic and set another camera up.

“That should be enough cameras for now. We can check them tomorrow.” I didn’t want to find out if there was a family living in our attic, or if we had bought a ‘cursed’ house. I just wanted to get on with things and forget about this whole thing.

Eric went down the ladder first to hold the ladder for me. My legs wobbled, but eventually my feet hit the floor. I had a bad feeling about the next day, but Eric wouldn’t stop talking my ear off about how awesome it would be if we got ‘evidence’ to prove that ghosts were real. I ended up nodding, trying to zone him out. When we went to bed all I could do was toss and turn.

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