Into the Attic

I didn’t sleep well that night: all I could think about was that old, dusty camera. Eric and I got up early the next day to take the camera to police. Groggy, I went to get a glass of water, then back to the living room to grab the camera. To my surprise, the camera wasn’t sitting where I had left it. I looked everywhere for the damn thing, but no matter where I looked, I still couldn’t find it. After about thirty minutes of me trying to figure out where it was, I decided that Eric must’ve moved it. I angrily walked to the bathroom door, “Eric! Did you move the camera?”

He must not have heard me, so I went to investigate the attic. The ladder was in our shed, I walked outside and opened the shed door. A horrible smell hit my nose almost knocking me out. It smelled like rotting garbage, mixed with cat urine. I looked towards the back of the shed, halfway hoping that I wouldn’t need to go into the stench, but when I shone my flashlight, I had no choice but to drop it and run.

There was a deer nailed against our shed surrounded by dolls. Every doll was covered in deer blood, and it made me uneasy. It was probably a couple of neighbor kids playing a prank on us, but I didn’t think it was very funny. As soon as I came in Eric looked at me like I was crazy. I told him what I had seen, and he shook his head at me muttering under his breath. “Your imagination.”

I followed him closely as we went back to the shed, when he opened the door, there was no smell… and there was no deer. He grabbed the ladder, and we headed back to the house, “B-but it was just there!” My voice was strained, and I became out of breath. “Why don’t you believe me?” Eric just smiled and set the ladder up for me.

“I know what you think you saw, but you are just tired.” He sounded so sure of himself. I reminded him about the camera, but he just shrugged it off, “Maybe whatever’s in this house doesn’t want the cops involved.” I began to get shaky, and definitely did not want to go into the attic.

            In order for Eric to not know how scared I was, I went first. The ladder was creaky, and it seemed like such a long way up. As soon as I got up, Eric decided to go get his “ghost hunting’ equipment. I sighed and began looking around the seemingly menacing darkness that surrounded me. When I turned around I saw a girl humming a similar tune… W-was that humpty dumpty?

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