The Box

My eyes widened as I started reading the paper, “Eric”. I stammered, “This was only three years ago!” I couldn’t believe my eyes, a young girl got sacrificed in our house. “How are you this happy about it!?” I heatedly asked Eric. He started laughing at me, making me angrier. He didn’t reply, so I took sat down on our couch and read more.  Eric moved to the dresser pulling out more newspapers from the drawer. Hesitantly, I asked what they were for.

“Well I thought we could investigate the house, I thought it was awesome that we happened to find a house with such history.” I rolled my eyes at him and sighed. There was no way I was going to play his little game. Ever since I’ve known him, he has been interested in the paranormal. I was fully convinced that this was just one of his stupid make-believe games, so I folded the newspaper and glared at him. Eric sat down next to me, “will you open the box now?” He sounded whiney, kind of like a little kid wanting a new toy from the store.

            “Fine, whatever.” I snapped a little at him, but he knew that I hate surprised and I figured it was something he had bought me at work. I went to the table and grabbed the box, we had finished unpacking, so I fulfilled my promise of opening it up last. When I picked it up it was a bit heavy, so I shook it a little bit and tried to guess what it was. “What you go buy me now?” Still irritated, my question sounded like a demand. He replied with a shrug, so I took scissors and sliced open the box.

Inside lie an old camera, it didn’t look like much, just a large hunk of metal. Eric’s eyes widened, and he got very excited about the package. “Let me look at that!” he grabbed it out of my hand and started fiddling with the buttons. “Let me find a charger, and I’ll look to see if it’s been used.” Eric rushed into the other room, and all I could do was sigh. I just knew that it was a setup, but while he scavenged, I decided to look at the other newspapers. The next newspaper was dated three months after the first, and the headline read, ‘Police Officer Tries to Commit Suicide After Investigation.’ I was shocked as I read the rest of the paper.

            Shakily I grabbed the last newspaper, the headline reading, ‘Officer Dies in His Sleep.’ I didn’t want to continue reading anymore, so I put the paper back down on the coffee table. Luckily Eric came bolting back in with his silly grin. “I found the charger!” He plugged the camera in and we waited a few hours. When it was charged we went through the camera’s photographs.

            All that we saw on the camera were a few homemade videos. The first one was of a young woman just talking about some guy she liked, but the second one horrified me. The picture was fuzzy, but I swear there was something pulling a body across the house. In the recent video, I didn’t notice the layout of the house, but Eric looked at me in horror. “That’s our house!” He genuinely looked scared. “I think that’s enough of the camera for tonight.” He took it and put in on the table. “Tomorrow we will take it to the police.”

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