Welcome Home

I walked slowly up the creaky steps to my new home, it was a bright sunny day. The birds were chirping, and I could smell the freshly mowed grass. I put the last box in the living room and plopped down on the floor. It took almost half my day to move all of my boxes, and I still needed to unpack it all. There wasn’t anything else I could do until my friend got off work. He worked evening shift at a local thrift shop, and we had decided to split the mortgage on the house, since it was fairly expensive. He had gotten the job before we moved out of our parent’s house, and since I still had an hour until his shift ended, I figured I’d go ahead and explore.

The house was fairly small, only one bedroom, a living room, and bathroom, so I decided to go down the hallway and look at the bedroom first. To my surprise it was fairly big, just enough room for a bed and couple of shelves. I headed out of the bedroom, and into the bathroom. When I turned on the light I was disappointed at the size of the bathroom. The bathroom looked bigger when we had looked at it the other day. I shrugged off my disappointment and went into the kitchen. It was beautiful, it had an island in the middle of the floor, and the cupboards looked as though they were brand new.

            Just as I was about to walk to another part of the house, I heard a knock at the door. I almost forgot about the time, and since we only had one key for the house it was probably Eric. After a few seconds, I finally was able to let him in. He greeted me with a smile, “Someone sent a package to my work for you.” Puzzled, I looked at the box in his hand, wondering who would send me something. “Well, aren’t you going to open it?”

            I paused for a minute, wondering what it could be. “Well it can wait a little bit.” I smiled and hugged him, “I missed you, let’s go ahead and unpack.” Eric shrugged, and stepped into the house. We started unpacking the kitchen items and went in a circle until we were back at the living room. I looked up at the ceiling after moving our couch, “Did you notice the attic when we went to look at the house?” I didn’t expect Eric to have noticed, he isn’t good at observations.

            “Yeah isn’t it awesome!” His voice boomed through the hallway, and he came back with a newspaper. “Here is another reason I wanted this house so bad.” I watched as he eagerly shoved a newspaper in my face. Eric beamed at me when I grabbed it, “Go on, read the title.” I started reading the top of the page out loud, “’Young Woman Dies in Satanic Ritual’ what…Is this?

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