It’s All in Your Head

I stood alone in the alley where she left me staring as she ran the opposite direction. I kept wondering why I even followed her to begin with. Can I even trust her at this point? I mean she was dragging the corpse of Tasia. A few moments later, I heard her humming while skipping back with a jacket on. “We are almost there!” She motioned me to follow again and took a hold of my hand yet again. We continued walking for what seemed like years. I tried to concentrate on the cracks and pebbles on the road and put my imagination to the side. After all, how much damage could a little girl do? Malphi tugged my hand, “See it’s right here!” She picked up the object before I could tell her not to.

I sputtered a few words trying to tell her to put it down so that we could recover fingerprints, but she was to quick. Malphi started to giggle as she walked towards me, “You sure are a good officer, too bad no one will believe you, even with your silly camera.” I got a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach, “I knew it was a mistake to not destroy that camera.” I looked into her eyes, horrified at what I saw. Her deep brown eyes started to change into a light purple. I tried to run, but something was holding me back. “Don’t worry I’ll make it quick and painless.” Her voice got raspier, and less human as she continued to talk.

            Her once sweet voice became almost demented, and I felt trapped. “Why are you doing this?” I cried out in pain as she sliced my Achilles tendon. She continued to giggle the whole time. “Please, stop!” I took out my phone to call for help, but she took it out of my hand and shattered it with her other hand. She grinned ear from ear and stabbed me in the chest.

            My chest was on fire, and her eyes locked with mine. “No one is going to believe you, they are going to send you to a crazy asylum!” Gasping for air, I tried to fight back. She kept dodging my blows, and mid punch she grabbed my wrist. “That’s no way to treat an innocent little girl now is it?” My vision started to get blurry, and to my surprise she didn’t remove the knife from my chest. I soon began fading out.

            Malphi then started singing softly. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was the same sentence that appeared at the top of Tasia’s computer. “Catch me, catch me if you can” She kneeled down beside me, ran her fingers through my hair. “The ambulance will be here any second, if you want to live, I advise you to not tell them what happened.” I grunted, trying to communicate but my mind was to blurry to do anything. All I could do was watch until she stood up and put my hand on the knife that was still in my chest. “This way they will think it’s a suicide.” She started giggling again and walked away.

The ambulance seemed to take forever, I passed out before it came to pick me up. When I awoke I was at the hospital, and I told the doctor everything, “I know it sounds crazy, but it really happened!” I kept stumbling on my words trying to find the right ones, “listen! Just look at the camera!”

            The doctor’s expression became sympathetic, “Sir I apologize, but there is no camera. There wasn’t even a girl on the surveillance cameras at the police station.” I could hear him whispering to the nurse. I heard the words schizophrenia episode, and delusional. “I’m not crazy I swear!” I struggled against the straps, “Sir please calm down we will take good care of you.” The doctor turned to his nurse and muttered, “we will have to sedate him again to calm him, he’s still suffering from delusions.”

            I see them stick a needle in my I.V “NO, don’t!” Everything began fading away, and as I fell asleep I heard giggling. It got louder the more I drifted to sleep, and I could hear her talking to me. “See, I told you.” Her voice began fading out slowly, “No one is going to believe you now.” While I slept, all I could see was her, holding the knife while giggling manically.

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