Malphi’s Mission

I watch closer trying to focus on the camera the doll then sat down in front of its owner, and that’s when Tasia fell to the ground. There was no rhyme or reason as to why she fell, but there was now blood leaking from her head onto the wooden floor. The porcelain doll then stood up, and with ungodly strength pulled Tasia out of view. I gazed at the camera waiting for more to happen. An hour later I hear a little girl mumbling under her breath while carrying the body of Tasia. Where did the little girl come from, and who is she? At this point my mind was whirring with questions, I went to turn around to get my partner to look at this video evidence with me, but as I turned around my partner was already walking through the walkway with a little girl. She looked just like the girl from the camera.

            My partner introduced her to me, “This is Malphi, and she says she knows who murdered Tasia.” My heart started racing when she looked at me. Her eyes were definitely hiding something. She seemed to be staring straight through me, but I shrugged the feeling of doom off of my shoulders. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, I have a few errands to run. I’ll look through the rest of the evidence when I get back.” He smiled at me, and slowly walked away.

            She smiled at me with a big childlike smile. It was almost soothing to see a child so happy, but unnerving to say the least. “You said you know who murdered Tasia?” I sat down again with another cup of coffee, and offered her a seat as well. “Also, I saw that you were with her when she got murdered.” She started fumbling with the seam of her shirt.

            “She was babysitting me.” Her eyes filled up with tears, “Why are you being so mean to me mister?” I saw tears rolling down her rosy red cheeks, and I muttered a sorry for being a grouch. She folded her arms and scowled at me, “Do you wanna know or not!” I couldn’t quite shake the feeling of dread, but I wanted and needed to know more. She reached for my hand, and I couldn’t help but to flinch a little bit. I wasn’t exactly ‘scared’, but something wasn’t adding up. “Come with me, I followed the murderer and I think he dropped his gloves.”

            Against my better judgement I took a hold of her hand, and she began leading me out of the police station. While we were walking out I had an urge to tell my partner where I was going. “Hey, Bud!” He looked up and replied nonchalantly, “I’m taking her out to get some food I’ll be back in an hour.” Bud nodded and grunted to show that he was being attentive. We walked out of the station, and I decided to look at my watch. It was currently 3:33pm, hopefully it wouldn’t be a long walk. “Where are did you say we were going again?” She didn’t reply, eventually we stopped, and she looked up at me with doe-like eyes.

            “We are almost there, don’t worry.” I began wondering where her parents were, so I asked, “Where do your parents live?” Her smile began forming into a frown, “They are gone, that’s why Tasia was babysitting me… They got in a car accident, I’ve been staying with my aunt.” She seemed to be off in her own little world, then she paused a second. “I forgot something I’ll be back.”

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