The Camera

            It’s been three months since the body of a young female was found, she was identified as Tasia Sutton, age 29. Ever since we discovered her body we have been perplexed, this was nothing we had ever seen before. Her face was pale, and her eyes… I shudder at the thought of some sick freak taking out this young girl’s eyes and replacing them with beady doll-like eyes. We were shocked that her mouth was also sewn shut with red twine, and someone set her on a filthy old T.V stand, along with a camera. I was told to keep the camera in the bag while the autopsy was being done, so that we could get go back in for more evidence. To our disbelief the only evidence we found were old porcelain dolls, and a laptop.

            At the police station, I was finally able to look at the camera for more evidence. I slowly took out the camera from the Ziploc baggie and set it on my desk next to my computer. ‘Click’ the camera played a small clip, and an excited screech came from it. “This is day 347, and I can feel his presence within my doll. Now no one will be able to laugh about my collection again!” The footage ended there, and a new one begun. I jotted down notes, wondering who ‘he’ was, and pressed play on the second video.

            The camera showed Tasia, a small woman leaning over a doll with paint in her hand, almost cooing at the doll as she worked. I grabbed some coffee and continued watching intently at the small screen. The camera wasn’t directly pointed at Tasia, but it was enough to see what she was doing. Nothing happened during the short five minutes that she was painting the doll, then she simply stood up and turned the camera off. Bored of the camera, my attention veered off to the laptop we had claimed while we were at Tasia’s house. Delicately, I grabbed the computer and began searching the history.

            Thousands of searches for demonology, and dark magic were pulled up. The more that I looked at her history, the murder started looking more like a ritual. Was she a sacrifice? I scrolled more trying to understand what I was looking at. ‘How to summon a demon’ I clicked on the link, curious about what this young woman was trying to do. The sub header read, ‘Summoning Malphas.” I was utterly confused, who was this Malphas? A message popped up along the top of the computer, “Catch me, catch me if you can.” I shook it off as a gag, and went back to the old camera.

            The camera beeped as I turned it on again, and all I could see was Tasia standing in front of it smiling eerily. A few minutes pass, and I hear her shouting at an invisible entity. I take the last sip of coffee and sigh. Maybe if I speed it up I’ll finally get somewhere in this investigation. Tasia starts humming a familiar melody…Is that humpty dumpty? I continue watching the small screen occasionally rubbing my eyes, and to my dismay, she starts running. The lights in her house start flickering, the porcelain doll she had on her table began to sit upright, and I could see it drop down onto the floor.

            Perhaps the wind caught the doll and blew it onto the floor. I rubbed my eyes and re-winded it just to see what reasonable explanation I could come up with. Astonishingly enough, I had no real explanation for what happened, so I put my imagination aside, and kept watching. Tasia kept running in place, and I pondered whether it was a new dance or whether she was being silly, but that was until her doll started walking. Yes, there was no denying that the little porcelain doll was indeed moving all by itself.

One thought on “The Camera

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