Interior Design

“Come on Lizzie!” I feel my friend tug on my hair, but keep staring at my tablet. “Let’s go investigate the basement!” I roll my eyes for the umpteenth time, and look directly into my friend’s eyes. His hair was still a mess which is no surprise he does it the same way every day; his brown locks of hair covered his hazel eyes in a way you could only describe as bed head.

            “For the last time Zeke, we can’t go into your parent’s basement without them knowing!” His parents always kept it locked so there was no point in even trying to go down there. I kept fiddling with my tablet trying to get my imagination to calm down. After all ghosts aren’t real. Slowly I put my tablet down and looked at his X-Box. “If you really want to do something today we can always play a video game.”

            He fumbled around for a game but murmured to himself, “You’re just a scaredy-cat.” Again, I rolled my eyes. Zeke has always had a vivid imagination, telling me anything under the moon to freak me out. His expression got stern, “Don’t you hear the noises too?” I shuddered a little, but put my jacket on so that he didn’t know he was getting to me. Lately there has been some unusual sounds, but I just kept shrugging it off.

            “Maybe there are some mice down there, you don’t know.” He sighed in frustration and moved closer to me. Normally I don’t scare to easily, but when he talks like this it makes my stomach uneasy. Zeke never lies, but I can never be sure if he is over exaggerating. I moved my attention to the T.V to distract myself from his story.

            “Listen Liz, I know you can hear it too.” He paused and whispered quietly into my ear, “I can hear it knocking, and moving things at night.” The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up, “Liz… It knows we know.” Zeke’s voice sounded strained, and cracked as he continued. “I think it’s a poltergeist I think we should check it out.” My mind whirled trying to think on the logical side of things, but I too have heard to knocks. “Do you think we could take your camera?”

            I finally gave in, “Sure I guess.” My voice sounded calm, reassuring even. “How long are they gone till?” I looked at my watch 4:15 in big blue lighting. “I just want to be sure we have enough time to check everything out.” I started getting my photography equipment ready. “Just so you know I still think you are going crazy.”

            Zeke’s smile got big and his eyes sparkled in the light. I missed his smile, “Woohoo, I knew you would come through!” He threw his fist in the air triumphantly. “They don’t get home for another six hours so we will have plenty of time.” Dread hit my stomach as we began moving to the kitchen. My mind began spinning with ideas of how I could go back home instead of look into a creepy basement. We approach the door, and to my dismay he pulled out a key from his pocket. He must have read my mind because when he looked back at me he just grinned more, “I figured out where my dad kept his key.” Puzzled I follow him down the small steps. “I just was waiting until you finally said yes.”

            My heart raced as we got closer to the bottom, and before I could react the door slammed shut behind us. I whirled around trying to open the door. “Zeke!” I screamed, “The door is locked again!” His face twisted into an evil smirk, and he grabbed my hand pulling me down the stairs.

            “I know it is silly.” Sweat begins to drip down my face and I look around trying to comprehend what just happened. “Don’t be scared, I chose you for a reason.” I struggle trying to get his grip loosened, and I try to open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. He turns on the lights, and looks me dead in the eyes. “You didn’t honestly believe me when I said there was a poltergeist did you?”

            “N-no” I stuttered trying to comprehend the horror that surrounded me. Corpse after corpse was stitched along the walls, claw marks were left on the floor from others. “W-who did this!” I shout, my breath ragged from struggling against his grasp. My head pounds and I feel light headed from the smell of decomposing bodies.

            His teeth gleamed white in the dim light making him look sinister. I’ve known him since kindergarten, and never would have imagined he would have anything to do with this. His voice sounded melodic as he whispers to me, “I did.” I cringe at the thought of him slaying people, “I did all of this for you Lizzie.” My throat tightens.

            “Why…How could you do this?” I ask desperate for an answer.

            “Remember when I told you I was working on a project for you?” “Yes” I said weakly, vaguely remembering when he had told me about a nice room that he was going to decorate for us. He bared his teeth; his sharp pointy teeth, and snarled at me. Then with a raspy sandpaper voice asked, “Do you accept my offer?” Before I could respond he had already sunk his fangs into my wrist, and everything went red.

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