Calling All Humans

The infection spread like fire does in California, from person to person it went until there was none left to cure. They called us zombies, flesh eating freaks. Everyone went into hiding, but they didn’t understand what it was really like. No one understood the true beauty of our lifestyle. A select few of us found the elixir, and drank from the flasks that were brought to us. I would call us fearless; because in a world where everyone stares into their phones emotionless, dead almost, anything was better than to not be able to communicate without dim lights reflecting from our faces. Alas, we may enjoy the screams as we take down our victims, ripping their faces apart, but in the end, they too became one with us. We tried to convince our fellow brethren to drink from the fountain of the fallen angels, but pride overcame logic. They soon became frightened of our power. At first it started slowly, we couldn’t speak very well, and our tongues became twisted, swollen, like a million bees stung our lips. Then the maggots came; flies swarmed our bodies laying eggs in our crevices. We started to foam from our mouths, at that point we weren’t unable to think, we just were so hungry. Most of our people went crazy unable to figure out why most ‘normal’ food made us sick, but for the lucky ones who found out began to become disfigured. Our faces drooped, and our teeth became dyed red with the blood of those who did not follow the path of the Militibus. Yes, we had our fun chasing those who had rebelled against us. At first, we slowly stumbled pretending to buffoon towards our victims. Then we began sprinting, lunging for the throat of our poor helpless hosts. What they didn’t know was when we finally fed upon their flesh was that we still had our soul. It wasn’t until we overran the world that we began losing ourselves. At first it was a blessing, we did not age or grow up as long as we fed daily. Now that there are no more humans many of us have begun rotting from the inside out. It wasn’t so bad when it was only maggots, when the flies would crawl out from underneath our eyelids. Now it is much worse, we still function without our organs, but without our food we are internally on fire. Slowly we are dying out, there are some of us who have rations, but we have to keep our victim’s fresh. They are locked up in the basements of houses begging us to let them out. Chunks of muscle filet from their bones, and we must cauterize the flesh to keep them from bleeding out. Most of them have no eyes now, and some of our best surgeons have removed their livers or appendix.  If only they weren’t so quick to turn on us, then maybe we would be able to figure out a way to feed without torture. We are all too far gone to care about ‘humanity’ now. Their screams are what keep us going when we lose hope. Don’t worry, we will make sure to ration the rest out so that we can find a way to continue our beautiful new founded lifestyle. Right now our government is testing clones… Now all we need is you.

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