The Hungry Diva

If I keep tiptoeing around this weird brown thing he might now notice me. It’s sort of ugly, but he doesn’t deserve to be on the lap of MY humans. Crap! I think it noticed me, I arch my back, and raise my right paw up. If it moves one more time I will beat it. The small lump flops back down onto the longer haired human. Now is my chance to move in, and stand on top of the bigger human. He may have a small heater with light coming out of it on his lap, but no worries, all he needs is me right now. I am almost there, I just have to tiptoe around this fluff ball and I will plop down onto the light heater. Just two more steps and I will be the center of attention like I always am. I stare intently at my larger human in hopes that he will move from his shelf like bed and give me some food. Normally it takes hours to get him up, but I have faith that today he will know what I want. He pats my head and gets my lovely grey fur all over his light heater. No human this is not what I acquire, my needs are far more important than that of love. Give me my nom noms right away! The small lump of brown stirs, now is the fight of life or death. If my human cannot feed me then I must fight for my life! I swat at the brown lump and run away into my feeding chamber. I hear the larger human stumble towards the walkway. Yes, human I need food. I hop down from my sadly empty feeding chamber and walk around his legs, my glorious tail leading him towards where he needs to go. Stupid human, must we go through this every day? I sit impatiently on my feeding chamber so that he knows exactly what needs to be done. My ears bend back as he scoops out my food and comes towards me with the bottle of sustenance that I need. Finally, you know what I expect of you, foolish human. I watch as he pours the little yummy pebbles of kibble into my feeding chamber. Good human, we will go through this again tomorrow, same place and same time.

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