The Floor is Lava

I don’t understand mommy insists that I walk on all fours. She knows that I get cold easily and I need to use her as a heater. If I don’t get enough heat I will definitely die of hypothermia. Mommy likes to put me on the floor when she goes to do big scary things like checking the mail, or going to the bathroom. I just can’t handle her not holding me for more than a few seconds. Many nights I dream that she will get me a little harness that is fluffy, so that I can always be held. Sometimes if I am lucky I’ll whine very loud every five seconds to get her attention, my sister mimics me so that she can watch mommy do makeup, but I whine so I can be held constantly. I don’t even mind if I am in her jacket it always feels so cozy when she lets me snuggle up to her. If I had it my way, and someday I will! She would be carrying me everywhere she went. I fondly remember going into the store with mommy and her getting yelled at by strangers, because I was too small to be left home alone. She had to keep telling me not to chew the couch up, but I had my reasons. If I chewed enough things up I knew eventually she would spend more, and more time with me. Now we have a special time alone on the balcony where she lets me onto my lap and I can gaze into her eyes until she lets me lick her face. Mommy calls me her special boy when we have our special time, and I absolutely love it when she lets me have her lap. My favorite lap covering in her robe, it is a long fluffy dress thing that can wrap around me and her like a blanket! It isn’t as cramped as her coat and is much cozier and calming. From what I can tell it is dark grey and light grey on the inside, but what do I know about color? I’m just a small dog with the biggest heart, and when I look into my human mommy’s eyes all I know is that I am safe from all the furry demons with razor claws.

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