If I wasn’t grinning enough for you yesterday; then I apologize, today will be different.  Sorry that you have to see my face twist downwards; a tree bending towards the ground. I can tell it’s frustrating, and I understand that you are perfect in every way. No one can ever surpass you in any way. It doesn’t matter how much I sweat; how much I try to keep up with you. It doesn’t matter at this point. I take my scalpel, and look into the cracked mirror. Sweat still runs down my cheeks runs down my chin. My expression stays blank; a dessert without water, I raise my arm above my head to grab a sharpie. How else will I perfect my smile? With my other hand, I chose my thread of choice; a beautiful burgundy color. I ponder whether to use gloves as I trace the perfect smile onto my face. Ear to ear, or eye to eye? I let my hand guide the marker over the paleness that is my face. Slowly I put the marker down, looking at my craftsmanship You told me to smile; told me to breathe. Now I feel that I am ready to finally smile. I raise the scalpel to the dotted line. It digs in and stings, but I stay expressionless. Blood pools on the floor below me. I take the needle and thread carefully sewing around my work, not to keep the skin together; but to keep the flesh separated. The tread helps the bleeding subside, but does not stop it all together… and it’s all for you. For the first time in a while, I am smiling. Does this mean it’s finally the end, that I of all people have made it to the next stage of perfection. Am I finally on par with you? All these questions and no one to answer for me. We have no way to comprehend what hides behind the veil that protects us from the creatures that lurk menacingly behind glass walls we call “home”. Don’t worry they are breaking through our little barrier, and you can blame it all on me. I am the one who is going to be grinning… Tonight is our night to shine.

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