Welcome to the Crossroads

I talk to myself just to hear a familiar voice. Crying I grab my knife, and begin running out the stain glass door. No one stops me as I run into complete darkness. I collapse down in the dirt and try to calm down. The voices begin whispering, a million bees buzzing around my head, “You are not here.” I begin to swing into the darkness fighting against the demons in my head… They begin getting louder, “You are nothing.” They tell me I am worthless but I still keep fighting. The trees laugh at me, twisting and turning the branches swing down, scraping at the ground. My knife does nothing but slice through the air silently almost singing to me. I begin yelling at the trees trying to make sense to what is happening. “You cannot stop us.” The voices continue serenading me. The hairs on my neck raise, and I begin panicking, running further into the abyss. Shortly after I begin running I stumble across a crossroads… The same crossroads where I first saw her. She was skipping rocks across the pond when we first met, we didn’t speak at first, but I can remember her voice when she called out to me as I walked away. Her voice was husky, and hoarse, the kind of voice that makes your skin tingle; and her eyes… So, lonely so black. Eyes that seem to stare deep into your soul. “If you could have anything what would you pick?” If only I knew not to answer… If only I knew what she meant. I chuckled that day, and to humor her I replied, “All I want is to be able to have someone to talk to.” I remember her smile vividly, the corners of her lips stretched from cheek to cheek, showing her sharp teeth. “Wish granted.” Now it’s my turn, after a decade it’s finally my turn to humor her. As I lifted my head to look at the pond I saw her, beautiful as ever still skipping rocks across the pond. I snuck behind her quietly, and whispered in her ear, “If you could have anything what would you pick?” Before she could answer I plunged my blade deep into her back…Wish granted.

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