Reality is only a dream mixed with fantasy. Sometimes all you need is just to cut deeper… Just to understand the need. The need that itches just beneath the skin. The pendulum cuts more, making my flesh sting. I substitute tears for pain, only the blind will see my misery; only the deaf will hear my shrieks. Blood pools on the ground beneath the table I strapped myself onto, and I stare. What if there is no meaning? White floors glisten red as more blood pours out onto them making a steady dripping sound. I still do not know what will come next, but I do know there is no point in caring; after all it is just a dream. Flies begin to swarm all around me, making it hard to breathe. They swarm my mouth, leaving white larvae wherever the land. I cannot scream; they have me trapped. Alas, I try to grip onto what sanity I have left… It pulls away from me. Everything is so far from reach, if only there was a way out of this wretched place. The maggots begin to gnaw away at me, eating me from the inside out.  Have I gone crazy? My face begins to look like the once white floor. I don’t know how long I have been in here, or why I strapped myself into this machine. All I know is I want to wake up, and I do not want this anymore. Everything is beginning to feel different; something is emerging from the gash on my stomach. Something familiar, yet odd crawls out, but still I cannot move. Its hair covers the face and it begins to crawl on all fours up to my own face. I do not know whether male or female, but if begins smiling, and brings its fingers to its mouth. Dead flies are matted to my lips; I cannot speak, nor do I want to converse with such a being. Fingernails begin to trace a line on my throat, and what once was an unfamiliar room in now my own. Now I am it, and there is nothing.

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