Look Behind the Broken Mirror

Let me say something to all you sick fucks out there. The ones waiting for the perfect time to pounce on the weak. You think you’re better than me. You dwell on my imperfections, flaws that only you can see. Everybody else is fooled by your charm, and the bravado you eagerly shove in their faces. Yes, they are all fooled by your sick antics. They all love when you hold the magnifying glass up to my face while the sun beats through it, blinding me in the process. Oh, how they adore you. Go ahead and decorate your house, make excuses for yourself to make yourself a better person. If only they could see what I can. The putrid odors coming off of your slimy body, maggots crawling out of your mouth as you laugh at my mistakes. Stop poking and prodding at my face, my hair, my everything. What used to be a light place turned dark. You put curtains up to hide the light… To keep me in the dark. It’s all just an illusion. Do you think I can’t see through this darkness? Your face may look pretty on the outside, but I know what is really on the inside. You put makeup over the gaping holes, the pustules that cover your face. You grin as you put lipstick on, and think of yourself as “one of them”. To bad you are not. You are nothing but a pile of shit, but at least even shit has a purpose in life unlike you. Maybe you should switch me spots for a change, so you can see what you have become. One day I will be one with you again, and I will show your true self to everyone you have fooled. Until then, I am stuck here watching from inside your broken mirror, watching patiently as you continue your facade endeavor in life. I secretly know you miss me…

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