Just Kid-ing

I want a pet goat again, I promise I’ll feed and water it every day. Please can we get just one? We can put it in our barn, I’m pretty sure they will have enough room to move around. Better yet, we could always have it in our game room so that it never gets cold. I’ll pile it with blankies and give her lots of love! We can even put diapers on her! Her name is Stella and I have already decided we are getting her. Just imagine all the fun we could have with a baby goat. The dogs and cats would love the goat as much as we would. I think we even have room for one in our bed. If we put a goat in our room, one in the game room, and another in the shed we would have room for three goats! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Then we could name then Stella, Ella, and Bella. The possibilities are endless, and I do not know why we haven’t gotten a goat before now. I am so glad that we had this talk, so don’t be surprised when we accidentally have three goats. They came onto our property because they just knew that we could handle three more animals.

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