The Whine of a Pup

I whine at everything, why some may ask? Because I am not on my mom’s lap, that is why. Anytime my mom stands up I must whine, it isn’t because I’m not happy; but because my mom isn’t holding me. Anywhere she goes I want to come with her. What if I miss something important, like her going to the bathroom? That is very exciting stuff that I need to be part of! I don’t even care if my dad is home, because to be honest, my mom is way more fun to bother. Sometimes I can get my sister in on it, because I can jump into mom’s lap, which makes my sister mad. I think it is hilarious to watch her jump and whine to be up here with me. My mom doesn’t like leaving her on the floor to whine, so she puts my sister in her lap to. My sister ends up squishing me, but that’s okay because I get cold. If my mom isn’t holding me there are problems. I cannot protect her on the floor, at least when she holds me, she can throw me at anyone who tries to hurt her. Sometimes I like to growl at things, especially if my mom doesn’t expect it. It is funny watching mom jump when I start barking at things. My dad thinks it’s annoying, but as long as my mommy holds me after it is worth it.

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