Tales of a Cat

Normally I don’t like being in the vicinity of anyone, but today… I have decided that I have found my true calling. My mommy really likes to blog, and she does okay; not better than I, but still she is mediocre. I noticed she was sitting at her oversized heater. She calls it a computer, but I think it is to big and warm to be a heater. I tried to move her hands out of my way and stood on her computer. Today I am the blogger. My mommy has edited my story so that there aren’t any letters out of place du3 to my big claws. I run away at everyone mainly because they are very scary and clumsy. This is the 3ndearing story of me, a literal ‘scaredy-cat’ meeting my mommy. She started dating my daddy almost a year and a half ago, and I wouldn’t even come inside because she would stomp around the house like a giant. Me, a small kitty would avoid her like the plague, until she started coming outside and trying to feed me treats. Who does that?! At first, I l0oked at her disgustedly, because I am to good for that. I would just walk away, and wait until she dropped it, then watch till she got inside to eat it. My mommy kept doing this, and I felt like for the first time, maybe I had a new friend. Once I saw her sitting outside, so I nonchalantly went to the other side of the deck. She snuck up to me and petted me! I ran away so quick, but I kind of liked it. The next day I surprised her and jumped on her lap, she smiled and kept petting me. She wasn’t prepared for my claws though, n0 one ever clips my nails, so when I make biscuits it hurts my mommy. Now every night when I see my m0mmy, I must spend at least 30 minutes getting love. She treats me very well, and I don’t spend as much time outdoors, because I know that I am going to be safe as long as I have my mommy!

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