Dolly Dearest

Can everyone clap your hands and yell B-rated movie with me!! Dolly Dearest is arguably one of the less cringe-worthy of doll movies. It was made in 1991, directed by Maria Lease, and is one of my top picks for a date night movie… Too bad my date fell asleep on this one. I’m talking about a pretty good movie that got a participation award for being a horror film. I absolutely loved the little pitter patter and the demonic laughing the doll made when she was running. Heck the way that they made her face all distorted was amazing. If you like a good paranormal story about ruins, messed up child demon babies, and great endings, you definitely will love this movie. I am rarely right about how good I think a movie will be when I pick them out, but this was not a movie that disappointed me. I liked all the aspects of it, and couldn’t really see any flaws, for an older doll movie the story and special effects were awesome. I would rate it at 8/10  

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