Through Every Breath

Have faith my friend, for you do not need to hold the world on your shoulders. Breathe every now and again, and allow yourself to be one with nature. Let the energy guide you to your peaceful place. There should be no stress, nor fear. You must learn to be yourself, let go of everything negative. If you feel negativity pick up a rock, and transfer your bad energy within it. When you see fit, throw it as hard as you possibly can. Let the rock carry your negativity far away; to a place where it cannot reach you again. You have let go of the bad vibes, now it is time to welcome the positive ones. Lay down in the grass, and allow leaves to float down onto you. Those leaves are decorating the soft, grassy ground, they are making room for spring leaves. Let the colors dance, and swirl around you. Soon you will have a sinking feeling, similar to being in bed, and the wind will whisper into your ear. Only you will know what it says, allow your thoughts to run wild, think about all the good you have done. You are a beautiful individual; feel mother nature underneath you, she is supporting you. Let the sunlight beam down on you, and love yourself for being able to feel what she has to offer. Life is too short for negativity, love yourself, and allow the world to lift off of your shoulders for once… Learn to breathe.

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