I want to do an experiment, sit down, and lean back. Now look at the wall, notice all the detailing. Look at how different each speckle is, zone yourself out so that all you see is a blur. Close your eyes and count down from 20. Breathe slower and slower, until you feel like you aren’t breathing at all. Take yourself to down a gravely road. Barley pick up your feet so that they drag just a little in the rocks. You can hear the pebbles getting flung from your shoes nearby. The road stops by an old, creaking Weeping Willow tree with a stream flowing behind it. You can hear the water flowing over moss covered rocks, and a small waterfall trickling water over a log. There are purple pansies along the edge, and you can almost taste the wind in the air. You take a deep breathe in, then exhale; all your worries are evaporating into the heat of the sun. The temperature is beautiful, so you lie down in the sea of pansies, and bask in the sunlight. The rays of sun seep into your skin, making you feel as if you are getting a heat massage. You smile and take another breathe. Everything is going to be okay, you are one with nature, and you are one with yourself. In 20 minutes you will open your eyes, you get up and take a step… One step for every minute, because you have all the time in the world. In that moment; you are free.

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