Botanic Lessons

I hope my mamma likes what I did for her! I planned it all day, and all night. Sometimes I get bored waiting for her to come home, and while my daddy sleeps, I look for things my mamma would absolutely love. Two weeks ago, I took my favorite stuffed animal, and took it apart piece by piece strategically placing the stuffing places she would find it. My mamma loves the game hide and find. She looks up and down for the items I place around the house. Tonight, will be different. I’ve been running around in circles trying to find the perfect items to hide, but that’s when I ‘membered that mamma told me that she wanted flowers everywhere! So, what I did was sneakily went into the room and got the baggie of fake flowers mom got for a project and shook the bag good. My brother helped me move the bag around so that we could get flowers in every room. After our hard work making the house look pretty for momma when she came home, we laid down in bed. When she opened the door in the morning, we both got very excited, and our tails wagged uncontrollably. Once she saw the flowers, she got a big smile on her face, and started hugging on daddy. I can’t believe she thought that he put the flowers everywhere; after all it was MY idea!! That’s when I got upset, if my daddy was going to take credit for something I did, I was going to poop right in front of the door. That’ll show him to mess with me again. Not only am I spoiled; I am a princess, and mamma says so. Daddy wasn’t to happy to pick my poop up, but I didn’t care. It was very good payback for taking credit for my hard work!

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