It doesn’t matter when, or where you want it; whether it’s morning or night, it still seems like the longest five minutes of your life. Nevertheless; that’s where I get my energy, my beautiful, dark brown, bitter energy. I get my fix at work; we have a corner where we put the stuff. My co-workers can’t tell, but I’m hooked. I twitch a little after a couple of hits, and it helps me concentrate. They don’t notice me trying to sneak a peek around the corner to see if it’s done yet. We make it ourselves all it takes is a packet and water. Really anyone can get it, but it’s not the same as ours. Ours is made with state of the art technology the “Elektra Belle” is what we call it, but I call it simply “heaven.” She’s the most expensive on the market; there is no others quite like her. We get the ‘actual’ stuff by the pound, which is $100.00. The strain is called “cat scat”, or in other words Kopi Luwak. It has become our elixir, because during the nights nothing goes on, so the cat scat is the only thing that keeps us awake. While others have it with powder, I like mine with milk. It makes my coffee creamy just the way I like it.

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