I have always been a fan of horror, but especially of the thought of inanimate objects being alive. Doll movies make you really second guess yourself, and look over your shoulder to your mother’s old porcelain doll collection. Among the more commonly known doll movies; Chucky, Annabelle, The Conjuring, is a lesser known, older movie called ‘Dolls’. Dolls was written by Ed Nah, whom was a founding editor for Fangoria, which is referenced in the Bride of Chucky.  In the movie a very imaginative young girl is travelling with her teddy, her dad, and ill-mannered step-mother. They break down getting drenched, finally finding a ‘hotel’, as they walk up the steps the owners stop them. They mention that they normally aren’t open, but could spare a room. We find out they are doll makers, and the little girl admires them for it. She becomes unaware of the problems that arise. Later in the night while getting a drink, she notices a scurrying, and she walks through a trail of ‘paint’ trying to see where the little people were going. Dolls is a wonderful movie about imagination, and lets you know that it’s okay to be a child at heart. This movie does a very good job of portraying greed does to a person. In 1987 they did very well at having the dolls moving, and the actors were amazing too. For a scary doll movie I rate it a 9/10.

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