As we move up in years’ technology is supposed to be better, and there should be better, and better horror films. In 2018 we failed… We failed big time. It had one director/writer, and that was Joseph Mazzaferro. Maybe he was going for utter garbage, or he was trying too hard for a suspenseful horror film; but what we got was falling apart from scene one. The cover features an elderly woman holding a doll (you all know I love me my dolls!) and an eerie blue back-light. So I thought why not… There are so many reasons as to why not. Firstly, there was absolutely no dialogue, which in movies like, Hush, and The Shape of Water, have a reason as to why they are quiet. So we are just watching this lady who has hoarded dolls, and is bashing her head against the walls. By that time, I wanted to as well, but still! Then half an hour passed of her smoking a damned cigarette outside! A HALF HOUR! I endured the misery with the thought that it would get better… but the latter happened. Whatever I knew about this “mentally ill” woman who had not said a word, was soon flipped upside down within a minute. The last five minutes of the movie was of her son hiring a caretaker for the mother. However, when the son came to see his mother, everything I knew was torn apart. The caretaker was actually a real estate agent, his mom wasn’t actually there, and he was the crazy one!! It was one hour and twenty minutes of my life I will never get back…  I’m not even going to rate it, because I want to be nice. Just uh, don’t confuse Anne for Anna.

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