As someone who is a fan of the macabre, my favorite genre of movie is horror without a doubt. For B-rated horror films to still come out is a blessing in disguise to me. Looking at the cover of horror movies, deciding which one to choose from, is always a risk. You can either get a truly terrible movie with no talking, blood, or story. Or you could get something like Anna; in 2017 they came out with what could be one of the best B-rated movies I have seen. When I first laid eyes on the movie I fell in love, because doll movies are my favorite of the horror genre. At first glance you could tell that they had lack of funding, but I had faith that it would be amazing (I am rarely correct), and proceeded to checkout. The lettering was red, blocky and there were chips in the lettering. My favorite part about the cover was that the doll was holding scissors. When I watched the movie I was delighted that it had some humor in it, which counteracted the poor acting. The first part of the movie was very good, with jokes thrown out at the right times. When the second half of the movie got playing, I was surprised, what once was a brighter movie with awesome audio; turned into a darker screen with no jokes. All you heard was screaming. If you can get over that then the movie is at least a  6/10, I would recommend it for background noise, or  for anyone who needs to waste their time.

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