The Paparazzi

Mexican food has always been a favorite for me, so when my fiancé asked if I wanted to eat out; I said yes without hesitation. I knew I couldn’t eat much, but just the thought of having a glorified shrimp taco was enough for my mouth to start watering. We walked into the TexMex restaurant, and was guided to a very nice booth. It was a corner booth just how I like, and the server was charming. She made us feel welcomed. I felt nervous ordering my coffee, as it was already five o’clock, and many establishments frown upon brewing fresh coffee so late in the afternoon. Instead of insisting I pick a different drink, she smiled and told me that she would brew some just for me.  As she walked away I noticed a bunch of tables lined up together in a row, and my fiancé mentioned the setup seemed a bit different than he was used to. Here we go, my mind raced, there’s going to be a party less than a yard away. I put the negative thoughts aside. Maybe it’ll start after we leave; our server came back, and I explained that I wasn’t hungry enough for a whole meal. She recommended a house salad; which I agreed was the best course of action. We ended up getting our meal right as the star of the party came in. He was no taller than two feet, he had blonde hair, and a balled up fist shoved in his mouth. His paparazzi followed closely behind him raising him high in the air, and cooing over how adorable he was. Next thing we knew there were flashes coming from every direction… It seemed we were intruders of the wonderful coming of the little person. So as responsible adults, my fiancé and I started making faces behind the group of people whom were celebrating the coming of the miniature human being. Fortunately, for us no one in the group noticed us making faces as they took their pictures. Soon however, they will come across the pictures and wonder who in the world would compromise their paparazzi photos. When we finished our meal, our server made our drinks to go, even going as far as to make me more fresh coffee. Happiness comes in many forms, some are making the most of awkward situations, and others is enjoying the time you have with your loved ones.

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