Smelly Imprints

When I got up this morning I felt like a semi ran over me. My head throbbed, my bones ached, and I could only think about going back to bed. The only problem was I had a mission to do; which meant I couldn’t lie back down to go back to sleep. Instead, I drug myself out of bed, and crawled to the front door. After umpteen times of wrestling with my door I was finally free. I happily sat in the passenger seat of the car, and waited for my lovely man to get himself in as well. We started driving slowly with no real purpose, but to contemplate our schedule. I vaguely remembered being called about shoes that I had ordered, so we decided to look there first. We were greeted cheerfully by the clerks, to cheery if you ask me; and the started asking about what we would like. I mentioned my order, and stated the brand. My head still hurt and my voice was gruff, because it was starting to get sore. They tried to find my order; but failed. That’s when I started getting snappy, angrily asking where else it would be, I ordered these shoes during Christmas! What did they mean that my shoes weren’t in the shop? Did they send it back, and if they did why was I not notified? There were so many questions in my mind that I couldn’t ask without sounding rude. My face was a scowl, because of my headache. The clerk slammed down a box, telling me it was what I ordered.  I began to sneer; it was absolutely NOT the shoes I had ordered. Slowly my temper began to boil over; not satisfied I asked if I could exchange them; as my shoes were for work, and I am required to have non slip shoes. I showed them the shoes that I had on, requesting that I have the exact shoe. They obliged trying not to make me even more angry. They let me exchange the wrongly ordered shoes for ones more preferable. The clerk checked the shoes, and realized she forgot one; so she had someone get her the other. She tried putting them inside the box, but felt my judging eyes watching her, making sure she was doing everything correctly. To her amusement, I started chuckling and muttered, “You got this boo, I have faith in you.” She began to laugh, and realized that although I was a little rude; I didn’t feel good. Before we left I told her that I almost cried over my shoes, because of my headache. That is why it’s always good to remember no matter how bad you feel; you still leave an imprint on everyone you meet, even if it is smelly.

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