I crept quietly into the kitchen, trying to tiptoe, as to not wake my house up. My special mug grinned at me when I opened up the cupboard; the familiar blue floral pattern seemed to dance as I reached up for it. Victory is mine! Getting my mug out without it clinging, and waking up my family. I did a little dance of happiness, and slowly lowered it down onto the counter without so much as a sound. My mug grinned bigger, and I couldn’t help but to smile back. We are together at last! The coffee maker motioned me towards it, so I went to get my cream, sugar, and filters. Finally, I got my coffee pot on, and it started to brew. My mug kept smiling at me as I put my cream in the mug, and I went to sit down while it finished brewing. The bitter smell made me nostalgic of curling next to the fire reading a book. After a minute of reminiscing the coffee maker beeped which told me it was ready. Happily, I snuck back into the kitchen, and mixed my coffee. I got ready to go to work, and let my coffee cool. My mug and I went out the front door, and went on our way to work… Halfway to work I took a sip, and realized I forgot my sugar. I had gotten it out, but had not put it in my mug. The mug then started laughing maniacally. What once was a sweet mug had turned bitter with the coffee. The smile it once had twisted into a scowl that mocked me with every glance. When I arrived to work I cried out to my co-workers. “We need sugar stat!” It was a matter of sweet or bitter. My mug started turning into its smiling self once more, but before it was fully sweetened, I drank all of the coffee. It was indeed bittersweet.

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