Letter to my Past Self

Don’t let anyone mistreat you, or tell you that you’re worthless. It took nine months to make you who you are now. Nine months of your mother nourishing you, singing to you, and touching her stomach, so you would know what love felt like while still inside the womb. You are still young, and you have so much to live for. The fairy tales are true; don’t let anyone tell you they aren’t… I have faith in you little one; your mother carried you for nine months, loved you, told you bedtime stories. You are worth that, and more. As you grow up their will be difficulties in your life, but one thing you do not need to put up with is someone belittling you.  Give it time little one; you’ll find someone that makes you feel like a queen. You’re going to have complications, but that’s when you move on. You are in control of your own life…. When you find your someone special, you’ll know right away; as did I. Rose petals may not be scattered in a line to the bedroom every night, nor do I get flowers sent to work every night. There’s no cheesy letters taped to my bedroom door, or chocolates sitting in the kitchen; what I get is better than anything that movies portray. When I’m too tired to do laundry; he has it done before I ask. He never fails to cheer me up, and always makes a point of making me feel special. Instead of waking me up, he lets be sleep, because he knows I’ve had a rough day. I know I can be a pain in the neck, but he never shows that I aggravate him. He shows me every day how much he cares about me. That is my fairy-tale, and my life. I couldn’t be any happier than I am now, all I needed was time. Now I am a queen in my own story, and I have my king supporting an me along the way.

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