Into the Darkness

My human turned off the bedroom light. Everything seemed just fine, so I nestled under the covers. I’m small enough to be tucked into a small corner by my mommy. I heard a tapping sound, so I glanced from underneath the covers. I wasn’t scared, but I couldn’t stop myself from shaking. I’ve gotten into fights with species like this before. It peeked it’s head slightly above the bed, and got ready to jump. I could see the hideous fuzzy face from underneath the covers. My mind raced as all four of its paws started padding towards my humans. I could hear it purring, pressing its paws into my mommy; I growled, leaping towards the disgusting animal. It hissed at me and ran into the bedroom. I just don’t understand why mommy made me get off the bed too. My growls saved her from the scratchy species, and my sister agrees. Mommy told me I can’t do things like that, but I think she just got scared.

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