Bath-Time Lullaby

My mommy tried to drown herself. I watched as she filled the bathtub… I hate bathes, so I didn’t dare come near. Instead I whined and complained that she wasn’t giving me attention. She got in and started to sing to me, as she has done many a time, my mommy sings so I won’t worry as much. The water stopped flowing, so I padded slowly to her. I let my snout touch the water, so I could tell how far up the water was. She patted me on my head then kissed my forehead. I was sure she was okay, so I decided to go play; boy was I wrong! She stopped her beautiful singing. This startled me and I ran to her in time to see her head under the water, with soapy bubbles rising up. Her hands where tangled in her hair, and mommy was struggling to untangle them. I did what any good pup would do; I drank the bath water to save my human! It didn’t work at first, but after a second she came above the water. I’m a hero. No one else could have saved my mommy like I did. After her bath I got a big juicy treat for my heroics, and lots of pets. She tries to drown herself every time she goes into the water. I’m just glad I watch over her.

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