The Tightening of my Rope

I never could tell time, and I was happier then. There was no stress, or second guessing. My dream was to continue to live on without the illusion of an invisible rope pulling me place after place. I wanted freedom; to roam anywhere in the world. That’s when I was told I had no other choice. When I wasn’t looking someone had put a rope around my waist that I could not see; nor control. I continued to get yanked around day after day. 7:00 a.m. came around, and my rope yanked me out of bed. Breakfast was in front of me, but I could not eat before it pulled me away. It forced me to continue living a life that was not truly mine. However, there is a way to control it… There is two simple tricks.

  1. If you stare at a clock it seems to slow down
  2. If you get into a habit… It won’t feel so bad

I have learned to tell the time, but only to confuse the creature. It only goes quick if you are asleep. When you are awake you can control how it’s mind. It likes to play games, so if you want time to go faster do something you love. If you want it to go slower; stare at clocks, and count the second hand. Getting into a routine makes the creature happy, and less prone to making you feel the rope tugging as much. I don’t know what it looks like… All I know is that it knows who you are, and what you do. It likes routines, because it somehow knows if you have a routine that you will always be on time.

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